Home Windows - Solis Glass is your home window replacement expert.  We have affordable solutions and an expert team to assist you in the replacement of any window in your home.

Home Windows have a  24 hour Emergency Service availability with us!  We are available when you need us.  If you find you have a broken window in your home and are need of expert glass services, call Solis Glass.  We will assist you in securing your home and provide you with the best possible options for replacing the glass.

We have the answer for failed double-paned, sealed windows.  In the Northwest, thermopane or sealed windows are a must for energy efficiency.  A thermopane window is a double-paned, sealed window with an air vacuum between the panes of glass.  Often they will have a gas like argon in that vacuum space.  Thermopane windows allow the cold to stay out and keep your home warm.

A failed window seal is best determined by a visual inspection.  Look for fogging or hazing of the glass.  Often you will find moisture in between the panes of glass.  This is a sign of a failed window.  Energy efficiency is lost and your heating bills will rise.   Well-sealed home windows will actually reduce your energy costs and help maintain consistency in the temperature of your home.

Do you know that you may not have to go through the expense of window replacement?  Solis Glass has the cost effective solution to replacement of failed windows.  Our experts will assess the window and assist you in the best option for repairing or replacing the failed window.

Call Solis Glass today at 800-779-8023.  We are your first choice for replacement of Home Windows!
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