Rock Chip Repair is a common need for drivers in the Pacific Northwest. 

Rock Chip Repair is one of the many mobile services of Solis Glass.
Driving visibility is hampered by a rock chip in the windshield.  Adding several small rock chips to
the same window can become a real hazard.  The integrity of the windshield is compromised with
just 1 rock chip.  Safety becomes a major issue as the windshield may not protect you from a large
object as it normally would.  The other concern is that a small rock chip can become a huge crack in
no time at all.  Itís much better to take care of the chip before it becomes a problem that can only be
repaired by replacing the windshield.

Our team of licensed, highly skilled technicians utilizes the latest technology in repairing rock chips
in windshields.  They have the knowledge to repair your windshield back to factory specifications. 
Repairing your windshield is our first choice as it is environmentally friendly.  Old, broken
windshields fill up the landfills and donít just go away.   If it cannot be repaired, they can also assist
you in the replacement of the windshield.  Repairing rock chips is also much less expensive than
replacing the windshield.

It takes extreme care and technique to accurately repair a rock chip.  As the hole will need to be
drilled it is possible to crack the entire windshield.  Thatís where Solis Glass comes in.  We will
come to you and fix your windshield quickly and reasonably.  Call us today to schedule your Rock
Chip Repair!

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