Glass Shower enclosures at one time were only available with metal frames.  There is another
product on the market which has amazing benefits for aesthetics, cleaning and safety.  Frameless
Shower Doors are both beautiful and strong.  Cleaning is a breeze with no tracks to gather water,
mold and mildew.

Glass Shower enclosures which are frameless utilize polished safety glass which has been
tempered.  The metal used to install them is minimal as it is only used to secure the panels.  This is
a great way to update a bathroom and give it a whole new look!

Frameless Glass Shower benefits include the following:  1) Home value will increase as well as
aesthetics.  2)  The glass can last up to four times as long as standard glass.  3)  They are very
attractive as there is limited metal.  4)  Metal corners hide mildew and tracks can be very hard to
clean.  These problems are eliminated with the frameless glass shower.  5) The design is open
which makes the room look larger and allows for more light into the space. 6) The glass is
tempered and stronger than regular glass which will keep it from shattering in case of an accident. 
7) We custom make them to your specifications and desires.  This way you get exactly what you

Solis Glass is ready to help you make decisions when shopping for your next glass shower
enclosure.  We will assist you in choosing the best glass and fittings for your bathroom.  We will
show you the benefits and many types of glass available for your custom made Frameless Glass

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