Tub Shower Doors are custom made to fit your tub and Solis Glass is ready to assist you in
determining the best options for your needs. 

Tub Shower Doors are a beautiful way to eliminate the need for a shower curtain which can get in
the way and trap water, mold and mildew.

Frameless shower doors are ascetically more pleasing to the eye.  We specialize in custom made
frameless shower enclosures for your tub assuring you an excellent fit and beautiful finished
product.  There are many choices when it comes to glass - frosted, clear, etched - the list goes on. 
The hardware used can be matched to the fixtures in your bathroom.

The benefits of frameless tub shower enclosures are many.  It will open up the room and give the
appearance of a larger space.  They are made of much stronger glass than regular doors so they
will be less likely to shatter in an accident.  There is no track at the bottom along the tub edge which
makes cleaning a breeze.  The doors can open out into the room giving your more space for
maneuvering small children or the elderly.  They are simply beautiful and add elegance to any

We have the years of experience to assist you in choosing the right style for you.  We also will
provide you with a custom fit.  This will keep water from escaping and causing a slip hazard or
water problems with your flooring. 

Call Solis Glass today for your free estimate.  Let us show you how easy and economical it can be
to change your bath to frameless Tub Shower Doors.

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