Windshield Repair is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Windshield Repair can be done in a short amount of time.  If the chip is not in the sight line of the
driver side of the windshield, it may be possible to repair it. 

Automobile windshields are made of laminated glass.  It is two layers of glass with a layer of
laminate in between.  You need a good, qualified technician to correctly repair the windshield as it
will require drilling into the glass.  It’s important to remember that you are dealing with a fragile,
breakable product.  One of the concerns about not fixing it promptly is that it can crack further or
‘spider’ which will require the windshield to be replaced.  This can cost hundreds of dollars.

Your windshield will meet safety standards after the repair.  The job of the windshield is to protect
you from debris which flies at the car from the road.  If it is chipped it loses its protective value.  You
will likely see a blemish in the windshield after the repair and this is very common.  The goal is to
make the windshield structurally sound, not back to its original cosmetic state.

Should you find you have a rock chip in your windshield it is good to cover it with clear tape
immediately.  This will keep debris from settling in the crack and allow for a better repair when you
call us. 

Solis Glass is the mobile glass repair and replacement company in the Northwest.  Our highly
trained team is quick, efficient, and affordable.  Call Solis Glass today!  We’ll schedule you for an
appointment to provide you with excellent service for your Windshield Repair.
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